It's been a while since I've posted a new bit of origami. I've had origami writers's block being away from work this long. That's where I come up with my best ideas.

At last, I have a new structure. 

A central triangle has teardrop shapes off of it. 

I added additional iterations of the central fold where the geometry permitted. 

Filling in the empty spaces between with shapes that aligned. I tried to keep it all symmetrical.

Windmills Origami Tessellation

Dance of the Triangles Origami Tessellation

Six Degrees of Intersection

Octagons and Diamonds Origami Tessellation

Corona Stars Origami Tessellation

Asterisk Tessellation

Pinwheels Tessellation

Close Knit Teardrops

Parker's Snowflakes

Faux Flagstone Rhombus Flowers Tessellation

Flowers and Gems Origami Tessellation

Angular Weave Origami Tessellation

Rhombus Star Variation

Flagstone Stars

Embracing the Triangles

Narrow Bridges Origami Tessellation

Natural Rhombus Flowers Tessellation

Snowflake Treasure Tessellation

Roses Tessllation

Woven Hexes

Waterbomb Tessellation

Fujimoto Flower Tessellation

Intersecting Arrows and Octagons Behind