Maybes and Whys

I was just playing around with patterns and came up with this. 

I'm not really sure which is the front and which is the back.

I guiess it's just personal preference. 

Pretty easy to fold. Nothing really frustrating. 
The second image seems to show the various shapes involved a little better than the first does. 
It's a triad tessellation. So the pattern repeats in thirds and I just sorta filled in the gaps. 

Hungry Rhombuses Origami Tessellation

High Density Clover Tessellation

Origami Tessellation :: Ferris Wheels

High Density Hydrangea Tessellation

Roadmaps Origami Tessellation

Platelets Origami Tessellation

Origami Tessellation: Traffic Plan

Origami Butterflies Tessellation

Suns Tessellation


Windmills Origami Tessellation

Dance of the Triangles Origami Tessellation

Six Degrees of Intersection

Octagons and Diamonds Origami Tessellation

Corona Stars Origami Tessellation

Asterisk Tessellation

Pinwheels Tessellation

Close Knit Teardrops

Parker's Snowflakes

Faux Flagstone Rhombus Flowers Tessellation

Flowers and Gems Origami Tessellation

Angular Weave Origami Tessellation

Rhombus Star Variation