Deep Thought for the Day: Evolution

there's nothing like having a sickly, old cat to put life into perspective.

cleaning up puke most every morning.

you start to realize the stains on the rug are inconsequential compared to the loss they will inevitably come to represent.

and the confusion. one minute they seem so healthy and alive as they're demanding your undivided attention. the next you're holding them and they vomit all over you.

everything living. everything born. grows old and eventually dies. that's the cycle. or so i'm told.

animals have the benefit of not really understanding life and death. or otherwise being unaware of the result/consequence effect.

people on the other hand, are constantly aware. too much i guess. so much so sometimes, that life becomes a death sentence.

oh to be animal again.

vomiting up our inards one minute and cluelesly chasing a piece of string the next.