Deep Thoughts for the Day: Bible Me... Bible You

so i turn my head to glance a the tv. make sure i'm not missing something good.

and there's a round of hot chicks in skimpy bikins.

i'm like, what the fuck is this. i don't have the spice channel.

turns out it was the local news. 'reporting on something'. yea right.

but hey, i'm all for more sex on tv. are americans all eunuchs? who would not enjoy more sex on tv.

such hypocrites. they watch their porn privately and then call the fcc to complain about janet jackson's exposed nipple.

it's a nipple. not a nuclear warhead.

wake up jesus freaks, more sex on tv would be much better for the 'children' if that meant less violence on tv.

which would you prefer. you're children having sex or your children killing people?

i guess that's a stupid question given the contents of the bible.