Deep Thoughts for the Day: Blogging

i thought having a blog would be an amusing trend to follow. though, i don't usually like to follow trends, the journalistic aspect of it lured me in.

unfortunately i am finding, as i've found with most things in life, that blogging, though at first it appears to be a solitairy hobby, is actually a social activity. you don't get, if you don't give. you've got to interact with other bloggers if there is any hope of them interacting with yours.

you see, i am a web designer. and am accustomed to creating sites that people visit by typing their search terms into google or yahoo. my role as the designer is a passive aggressive one. i create the pages so that they lure people to the site. i don't go to other sites and post comments so that people will visit mine. but i am finding such is the case with having a blog.

the nature of a blog doesn't lend itself to high search engine rankings. the topics are various and postings are often unrelated to one another. so there is no keywording within the pages. no repetition of certain key topics of which the site is about.

i found myself rather frustrated with the minimal hits my blog was receiving. but confounded as to how to change that.

then, one day i decided to explore other people's blogs. i clicked the patented blogspot next blog button several times and ended up at some interesting ones. a few i even felt compelled to comment on.

that's when i realized, unlike other websites, where like oz i hid behind the curtain and relied on the yellow brick road of the search engines to bring people in, in the world of blogging, networking is key.

when i commented on those few other blogs, all of a sudden they were visiting mine and posting their own comments.

had i known when i began that blogging was just another social activity in the guise of a solitairy one, i don't think i'd ever have started. and no, i'm not going to go around to lots of people;s blogs and comment just for the sake of getting them to come to mine.

if anyone can take a social event and turn it into a solo act, it would be me.

so game on. beware all you other bloggers. i'm gonna harness the power of the search engines and put all your comment trading to shame.