Deep Thoughts for the Day: Bottle Cap Stiarcases

with the bottle caps i build a stairway. somewhere away from here.

it's a shakey stairway at best. but it's the only exit.

i twist and the bottle makes that popping sound. the gas escaping. the poison releasing into the atmosphere i bequest.

it cranks like an engine. gasoline propelling me.

the stairway builds. unevenly. and i wonder where it's headed. toward what pinnacle. to what ends.

and all i can think is that you don't do the drinking. it does you. you let it. because any excuse not to be who've been. what i am. any opportunity to shirk the burden of being me. and as often as i can.

building that bottle cap stairway is not an easy task. it takes a lot of trips down the stairs. to the kitchen. passing by much more sober people in the act.

it's not a noble pursuit. but it's not entirely without its purpose.

let me go. go there as often as i can. flee the world i am so mixed up with. free it of me. and i of it. we fight like siblings and refuse to forgive.

everyone has their stairways that they will build when left alone to the night. some out of bottle caps and other out of better designs.

but regardless of how they are fashioned, they all lead to that same imagined destination.

give me peace. give me something to want other than death and i will gladly dismantle all those steps. stay at what plateau i've landed upon and take up residence.