Deep Thoughts for the Day: Bounty Paper Towels

i was watching full house on the family channel and this bounty paper towels commercial came on.

there's this little girl and her very boisterous puppy. they romp through the kitchen and the puppy accidentally knocks over his water dish.

immediately the little girl runs and grabs a fresh roll of bounty paper towels. and mom wipes up the spills.

cut to the girl and dog coming back inside from having been playing in the backyard. the little girl walks through the door carrying the puppy in her arms. and mom uses another bounty paper towel to wipe off the puppy's dirty paws.

it seems to me, this mom is a bit of a clean freak and is obviously passing her neurosis onto her daughter.

but as much as i don't really like proctor and gamble (conservative corporation that makes bounty) i think in many ways their commercial reflects real life. intentionally or not. in a dark and subtle way.

isn't that really what people do? mate. breed. and pass on their inadequacies, insecurities and discontent to the next generation.

see bounty wants to market themselves as a family product. and the best way to do that is to subconsciously appeal to peoples' desire to create fresh new images of themselves in their children. no matter how distorted those images may be.