Deep Thoughts for the Day: Fear

so who are we now? scared of all of them. everyone an enemy. no friends left.

so what have we become. fearful. vengeful misanthropes.

what's the point of having a country. of belonging to one, if you can't call it home.

if when you need to feel safe it only makes you feel you are completely alone. what's a nation if it's not a unity. of the people within. not the realization of their worst fears. but rather the settling of them.

what are leaders for if not to lead us. not intimidate. not scare. but be that conscience. that rationale we all should have.

where are we now? the end of this bridge. change everyone else, but don't change ourselves. that's what we've become.

how is anyone a leader if they only lead us into fear? how are we ever really free if all we feel is fear?


  1. I was just at a discussion group at the end of last month where we were watching a video by George Lakoff. Maybe you have heard of him, but he has just written a book about how liberals have to learn to reframe issues. That the Republicans always framed issues within their frame of thinking.

    But he was talking about the fear card. He figured that republicans use what he described as orwellian language for things they were weak on. By that he meant saying they stand for the opposite of what they actually stand for. Like one of his examples was that the "Healthy Forest Initiative" should be referred to as the "Leave No Tree Behind Act."

    But he figured that the reason they talked about defense is because they are actually weak on it. That things that actually make a culture strong are things that republicans rebuke.

    Anyway, when you mentioned fear, it reminded me of this video because he did discuss how they used fear. It was really interesting. If you haven't seen it already, find out if you public library has it for rent because it was quite good. :)


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