Deep Thoughts for the Day: Here's Your Hat...

did you ever walk down the road (instead of drive)? going that slow, while everything else is going so fast, it's surreal.

when i walk down the road, usually the only pedestrian is this surburban jungle, i watch the cars passing as they're watching me. the drivers and passengers looking all quizzical like at me. if they were cartoons, they'd have little thought bubbles over their heads that read 'what the fuck is she walking for?'

you see, round here, no one walks. sometimes you'll see middle aged guys on bicycles. those are the dui's and dwi's who've had their licenses revoked and are actually obeying the law.

but walking. no one walks.

except for me. and when i do walk i watch the peoeple in the cars watching me. and wonder where they're going. why they're going there. so many people. so many vehicles. always going somewhere. always going there so fast.

what's the hurry?