Deep Thoughts for the Day: Hyprocrites for Dinner

i used to have this, i call him a friend, for lack of a better term. we got along so well.

then one day i visited his personal webpage and saw a vote for bush cheney 2004 image at the footer of his site.

needless to say, it all went downhill from there.

i can live with people being republcian, though not very easily. but this guy, he so happens to be a pot smoker. i myself am not.

and it's just so hypocritical. to be for pot and also for the republican regime.

i don't really consider mysef a democrat, so much as either an anarchist or a socialist. whichever will work best at the moment.

whatever party is the least involved in personal pursuits.

only those laws that actually better the lives of all citizens. that's my philosophy. wish it was everyone's.

but back to my original topic. how. tell me how does anyone vote republican, especailly this republican in particular, when they approve of the sorts of things no republican would ever openly approve of.

is it just some big guilt thing. they like it, but stil lfeel they've done wrong?

damn, i wish people would just get over themselves and thier imperical values.

we're just the highest animals on the food chain (currently). but that could change at any moment.

and then who would care if you voted for bush or kerry. certainly not the aliens who were refering to 'how to serve man' as they sliced and cided.

they know how to serve him. for dinner. that's all he's good for.