Deep Thoughts for the Day: Maybe God Can Wrtie

sinner that i am, i just can't help but wonder what makes anyone believe the bible is actually the oratory of god.

the only evidence is that the guys who wrote it claim it.

in today's modern world., i don't understand how people can hang onto such archaic beliefs.

so desperate. so needing a reason for their pathetic little lives.

if it wrote a few paragraphs now about what god told me, how inclined would you be to believe?

i've just as much proof as anyone who contributed to the bible. none.

but i know i'm talking to deaf ears. and dull minds. egomanical, delusional hypocrites.

don't wanna convince you. just making a point.


  1. Supposedly Thomas Jefferson wrote a version of the Bible where he removed all the miracles and fantasy elements from it. It would be kind of cool to get a copy of that.

    I started to read the Bible once. I only got into Matthews, but I was actually surprised that I believed a lot of what was being said. It was just straight philosophy. Then it got weird. You could tell it was a different writer. (Still under "Matthews" though.)

    You how there is supposed to be two types of parenting styles--the kind who nurture by example and believe in having their kids explore and learn from their own mistakes and then the other top down parenting style where Dad is the authority figure, and if you don't follow suit you get punished (kind of like military thinking.) Well, that's how different these writings in Matthews seemed--like you were going from one model of parenting to the other.

    If I were a reader, I would certainly try to read the Bible through, but I'm too lazy. Oops, the truth comes out!


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