Deep Thoughts for the Day: Some Kind of Monster

last night i made a valiant effort to watch the metallica documentary dvd, Some Kind of Monster. i managed to sit through an hour and a half of the three dullest human beings that have ever been put on film.

for guys who compose such aggressive music, they sure aren't. even when they fought, it was polite. yea, they said fuck a lot, but that don't an interesting documentary make.

i blame the mailman for this. you see, i never would've rented the disc in the first place. except for the fact that one day i got an envelope from netflix, opened without checking it belonged to me and Some Kind of Monster was the dvd inside. i'd mistakenly gotten one of my neighbors rentals. no, i didn't watch the disc then. i gave that one back to my neighbor. but the movie got stuck in my head and the description sounded good, so i rented it myself.

back in the day, i was a metallica fan. you know, before the napster debaucle. before james went into rehab and they released st. anger.

i spose had they made a documentary on metallica before they'd become so old and sober and rich it would've been an interesting watch. as they say, timing is everything. and as i've always said, once an artist goes into rehab, that's the end of the good music.