Deep Thoughts for the Day: SUV's

so i filled out my 2004 tax returns this morning. 1040, schedule b, sechdule c-ez (net profit from business) and schedule se (self employment tax).

i owe the feds some cash. and getting a little back from NJ state.

paying taxes isn't so bad. you get used to it when you pay it every quarter. that's not the problem at all.

the problem is paying all those taxes and getting absolutely nothing for it.

except a lot of dead people in iraq. personally, i never wanted the iraqis dead in the first place. if i recall correctly, it was the afghan that claimed responsiblity for 9-11, not the iraqis. no one else seems to consider that.

all that money. 15% for the social security benefits i'll never receive. another 15% for a war that serves only to obliterate the non-christians of the middle east and secure more oil for the over abundance of suv's american have chosen to drive.

all i can think is the iraqi's they weren't bothering us. now we're bothering them. slaughtering them. and why, well, it's never really been made clear to me. and i don't suppose it ever will be.

i guess that's just the price of gassing up all those suv's everyone's always driving around in.