Deep Thoughts for the Day: TV Funeral

my tv (a 27 inch, 5 1/2 year old panasonic) has officially died. several days ago it gave me the first warning. the screen going blank for a brief period. then quickly worsening. and tonight, i lay it to rest.

so, sitting in the dark with perfect circle, days of the new, savatage and roger waters playing (among others), what else could a poet do other than write about it.

here are the results:

02-08-05 8:27pm tuesday

black box chapping my sight. so much to see in, but it will not open its eyes.

the world is lost. caught in that square blackhole. i resist at first, but then soon allow the memory to taper off.

black box at my back. chatters no more. paints me no pictures of the world. leaves me alone to the blank canvas in my throat. where the words pool in gelid pigments. all shades of alone.

see the dark. made darker now. last glow of humanity gone from my four wall home.

i have the sneaking suspicion, this bit of writing would be much more intriguing without the tv dying intro. but, what the fuck. poetry sleeps too close to pretenciousness as it is.