Deep Thoughts for the Day: War

so how bout all those budgets cuts bush is pushing? interesting. he's pretty much screwing all the people who supposedly voted for him. the farmers in the midwest and south. the elderly. let's face it, he's basically saying 'fuck you' to anyone who isn't wealthy. in typical, but more over the top republican fashion. oh, but there'll be plenty of money to wage a christian war on those muslims. afterall, they're practicing the 'wrong' religion. they must be stopped.

those second termers. they're crazy folks.

i tried to warn people, but no one listened, not to michael moore and not to me.

ah, but then again, maybe they did listen. afterall, bush didn't really win the first election and he didn't really win the second either. he sooo cheated.

and don't bother posting comments contradicting me. cause i ain't buying it.