A Hunting We Will Go

why do so many people feel it's perfectly justifiable to have so many kids?

i was watching wheel of fortune, and this lady had seven kids who then inturn begat twenty grandchildren and one great-grandchild. it's sick.

those two original parents are now responsible for an additional 21 people (so far) on earth, that's over 635% population growth from just one couple.

and i see it all the time. on the wheel, on those nanny reality shows, on the wife swapping shows. people with four, five, and more kids. and three kids seems to have taken over as most popular number. where that title used to belong to two children per family.

where exactly do these people think we're going to put everyone? the earth isn't going to magically expand. at some point we're going to wind up like china did, having to impose reproduction restrictions on people, simply because there will be no other viable alternative to complete economic and social failure. natural resources are not unlimited. space is not unlimited.
and my tolerance is very very limited.

maybe, since we see fit to control animal populations via hunting, we should consider the same for ourselves. if people can find nothing better to do with themselves other than spit out child after child, i submit they are no better than animals.