Please, Not More Politics

i really, honestly, never intended for this blog to be a political thing. have never been very fond of politics.

it used to be so easy. republican. demococrat.who could tell the difference. but the bush regime changed all that.

never have the parties been so divided in any time that i can remeber.

political debates used to be so harmless and ineffectual. but nowadays, they are cause for war.

just exactly when the right wing gained control is unclear to me. all i know is that they now have it. and i, as well as many others feel threatened by it. and rightly so. so much christianity and such shoved down our throats.

HELLO!!! separatation of church and state.

so much for the constitution. and it's alcholic cousin the bill of rights (as the simpsons so bushly put it) as it drunkenly puked up ammendments.

i've always known america isn't so much about freedom as it is about power. but i never thought i'd live to see it coem to fruition.