The Real King, The Mountain King

jon oliva's pain, tage mahal cd, wow!!!

i expected good, but holy shit.

it's amazing how well he has grown as both a lyricist and a composer.

throughout the world jon and the rest of savatage are well respected for their talents. even people who don't like their music still readily admit what a talent they are.

but what i most respect about jon, paul and all the rest is their integrity. while they've never been commercially popular, they've never waivered from their true focus. to make good music. not lotsa money.

they could write pop hits if they watned to., i've no doubt.

maybe, just maybe, if all the supposed musicians, artistss, blah, blahs of the world had that kind of integrity there wouldn't be such a big deal with copyrights, ripping, peer to peer and whatever else there is to do 'wrong'.

if actors, musicians, and whoever else didn't require such astronomical amounts of money, no one would be losing money from a slight decrease in sales. and don't even get me started on the record labels, corporate end of the industry. vampires. that's what they are.

the american entertainment industry as a whole ought to take a lesson from jon and all the rest of the people who dedicate their lives, not to making great amounts of money, but to making great music.