Trading Spouses: Republican Dad Vs. RV Mom

so i'm watching trading spouses on my new 30" widescreen lcd tv. had to sneak that in there. and the virginia, republican, uptight newlywed husband is out to breakfast with the living in an rv, married to a much older man, singing is the answer to family bliss, replacement mommy.

and in typical trading spouses fashion she proceeds to critique him on his parenting skills and feign astonishment at his disdainful reaction to it.

first, she tells him he should communicate more and be more supportive of his daughters. and he submits when she gives a very valid example.

then desperately trying to save himself, he asks her, what have you learned from us that you'll take back with you to better your family life?

and she thinks for a few moments and then says, well, i'd love to have a dog.

the look on that guy's face then, was priceless. OUCH!!! that's the best she could come up with.

it's all very silly when you think about the fact that this woman doing this judging of this guy, no matter how cranky and uptight he may be, has her kids living in an rv 24/7. i mean to me, that sounds like child abuse.