You Know.... That Show

so 'doctor' phil, (as if i really believe you are a doctor) if you know everything and are such a great parent, how'd you end up with a son who was the host of one of the lousiest reality shows ever? i can't even remember the name of the show, just that it was some cheesy extreme makeover: home edition rip-off that had literally more commercials than content.

it was really sappy. they always picked families in 'distress'. there was one episode with orphans. there was like tons of kids. all siblings. and both parents were deceased. i think they had like 12 or 15 kids all together. and the oldest kid was the guardian. call me cruel, but no one should've had so many kids in the first place, dead or alive. i know it wasn't the kids fault that they were born. but how am i sposed to feel sorry for them when they don't hate their parents for doing that to them.

that's why that show sucked. because instead of making you feel good about the improvements they'd made in some poor unfortunates' lives, it somehow always tended to make you think, isn't it sad that there are people out there in those positions. not because of fate, but because of choice.

what the hell was the name of that show?


  1. Darn if I know the name of that show but i knew to avoid it just from hearing about it from the wife. You are right on the money about 1. 'Dr.'Phil is the ass of the airwaves - and it makes sense his son would not have much more talent either, and 2. People are just so painfully stupid. So many unwanted children from drunken couplings, and it's always to the worst possible people, while it seems like (from what we see on TV) couples with the big education, clean records, well educated and earning the $$ can't conceive and for some reason adoption is harder than a sex-change operation. Damn. People say "spay 7 neuter your pets" (good idea) but me, I say: Spay & Neuter the population. Or at least make them pass a test to have children. take care, man. Dan

  2. yea right, you gotta pass a test to drive, but not to have kids. wtf? i'm with ya man.

    thanx for commenting.

    p.s. a google search informed me the name of the show was "renovate my family".

    you knew to avoid it? you're a better man that i.


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