You Think Too Much

i'm sitting here thinking, what the fuck do you write in a blog? do people actually want to consume the chitterlings (look it up) of some stranger's day to day life? i guess that depends on how tasty they are.

when i start a project, such as this one, i tend to obesess over it. it requires an obsessive personality to be anything creative. you have to think about it all the time. do it as much as you can. and always be wanting to be doing it.

so now, here i am, obsessed with the concept of maintaining, growing this worthless blog and unawares of how or even, why i should.

i've been told on more than one occasion that i 'think too much'. i'm sure lots of people get that. and i've always wondered about those people who pass that judgement. how can you not think too much about something you care for. is that not the essence of caring deeply for something?

it's not as if i can't stop thinking too much. i can read. watch tv. even stare at the walls. i choose what to care about and how much to care about it. and it's a shame that those people who proclaimed i 'think too much' didn't understand it was for them that i thought.