i was reading the tv guide the other day and in one of those closeup boxes was some info on kirstie alley's new showtime series 'fat actress'. since it was pretty much the only paragraph left in this week's issue that i had not yet read, i read it.

it listed some of the guest starts who were to be on this week's episode... "Kirstie Alley calls on Leah Remini, Mayim Bialik..."


Blossom!?!? i exclaimed aloud.

i have this rare disease which the only symptom is that it forces me to say aloud the word 'Blossom' any and every time there is a reference to the actress who once played the character. it is a strange and confusing illness. but i've managed to carry on, for the most part, a normal life despite it.

actually, now that i think about it, the disease manifests symptoms with a lot of actors and celebrities.

solei moon frye ... punky! patrick stewart ... jean luc! melissa joan hart ... sabrina! nick lachey ... jessica's husand! william shatner ... kirk! spongebob ... spongebob! george w. bush ... satan!