Deep Thoughts for the Day: Apprentice Chicks

didya ever notice how the chicks on the apprentice do their hair for every boardroom?

one minute they're on a task and they have straight hair and day time makeup. then they're in the boardroom and they have curly hair and evening makeup.

maybe i'm not hip enough, but one would think in a competition such as the apprentice where competance and ability are sposed to be the main factor, beauty would be the last thing on these peoples' minds. but that's women for ya. i can say that cuz i am one.

they're about to possibly be fired and they think, maybe if i wear more eyeliner and have more curls in my hair everyone will forget all those mistakes i made?

and how bout that audrey chick? at first i thought the captions on my tv had gone all wonky. but turns out she really said she was so beautiful when she was younger that everyone hated her and she wanted to cut her face to make herself ugly so they'd stop hating her.

she is very pretty. no doubt. but um, no one's that pretty. just derranged.

clearly there's as likely to be a woman apprentice as there is to be a female president.

and as a double xx chromosome person i certainly want there to be. but not any of those currently available.

my heart goes out to caroline. it must be terrible to have to sit through that farce.