Deep Thoughts for the Day: Excess

america is a country of excesses. excessively large houses, excessively large
vehicles. excessively voilent movies. excessively pious. every excess known to man.

alcohol. drugs. crime. hate. love. lawsuits. charities. wealth. poverty. you name
it, we'll either make it too big. or make too much of it.

excess land even. remember manifest destiny? one of the founding principles of our
nation. that it was god's will the united states of america reach from ocean to

it's in our blood. in our moral fiber. we are imbued (through media, school,
sociiety) from the very moment we are born, perhaps even before, with a sense that
the entire world is ours for the taking. the bigger the better. the more the better.
gimme. gimme. gimme. i want. i want. i want. more. more. more.

i'm american. i deserve it. i'm an american. it all belongs to me. and if you won't
give it, then i'll just have to take it.

we are america. the world belongs to us. and even if it doesn't right now. we'll
soon make sure that it does.