Deep Thoughts for the Day: God

it's clear i can't relate to any human beings on any level.

case in point. i joined the forum because well, those are my people. die hard savatage fans. years of loyalty and dedication.

as i was contemplating signing up, i had this flashback. back to when savatage played at that venue in old bridge. standing in line with my brother and him saying, 'these are your people'. and i just laughted and was glad to be there. but these years later, it occurs to me that no one, ever has been, or ever will be my people.

i did sign up. i did post messages. and in my oh so apt to alientate way, i wrote a post about the religious implications of savatage's and their offshoots lyrics. and while i was treated better than i suspect i would've been elsewhere, the reaction was somewhat less than friendly.

i heard on tv 95% of the population of the world believes in a higher being. i nearly shit my pants. can thtat be true?

old men in the sky who look oout for us. yea, that sounds rational.

face it. youre all alone. you're talig to someone who isn't there.