Deep Thoughts for the Day: Tobacco

why are smokers being so demonized?

i just don't get it.

we don't eat babies for breakfast. we don't wage wars on muslims who aren't bothering anyone.

we don't tell children to go shoot other children.

it seems to me, the world, the united states, needs to focus on more pressing problems than adults who choose to indulge in the pleasures of tobacco.

ever hear of projecting? transferring your anger onto innocent parties because you can't deal with the blame yourself?

it isn't because i smoke cigarettes that your children are blowing eachother's brains out. i don't even have any kids.

i doubt the kid with the shotgun was protesting smoking when he killed his grandparents, several sutdents, a few teachers, then himself. most likely it was bad parenting. a fucked up society. not because there are some who enjoy smoking.

hmmm.... maybe it's just a few too many restrictions on personal freedom. teenagers, they're all about freedom.

and all we do is tell them what's wrong. real positive message.

rasie em on violent movies/video games and negative messages. smoking's bad. drugs are bad. sex is bad. oh, but violence. that's acceptable.

very intelligent parenting techniques.

hope that works out for ya.

oh, but yea, it isn't. is it.

i'm just so tired of being the country's villain just because i enjoy smoking tobacco. wake up people. you have way bigger problems. and you're not going to solve them by villifying me.

i don't give rifles to teenagers. i just smoke cigarettes.

i don't put all that violence in their hearts. i just smoke cigarettes.

i didn't cause the terroritst attacks. i just smoke cigarettes.

try focusing your fury on the real villains. the government, for having only their own best interests at heart. and yourselves for being bad, uninvolved, disinterested parents, who raise teenagers that feel thier only recourse is to kill anyone who's ever made their lives less than perfect.

when i was a kid, ten or so years ago, a fist fight was more than ample to resolve any conflict. so you have a choice. you can blame society for wrecking your kids. or you can take responsibilty for your own actions, or lack thereof. afterall, they're your kids. not society's.

there are many villain in this world. but people smoking cigarettes aren't among them. parents, they're the villains. and kids, they're the victims.