as someone whose spent the better portion of their working time (i don't say career becuase i don't suspect i've ever really had one) catering to the whims and whimsies of the various popular search engines, lately i find myself at a moral crossroads.

the internet is overun with people and sites that want those covetted top ten spots. who's actually deserving i don't know. and of this i am certain. an algorithm doesn't really know either.

google, being the current reigning god of searches, has a very systematic and logical way of deducing what results to produce for any given search term. and i praise them for their 99% accuracy in delivering exactly what i was hoping to find.

however, not all searches are as cut and dry as what song do these lyrics belong to. or what year did someone write some piece of literature.

with over six billion people in the world, there are so many websites deserving of notice that never will be.

i've often wished there could be an effort algorithm. to judge sites by earnestness. or a desrving algorithm, to give people credit for giving it their best shot.

not everyone has the time or patience to understand how to convince a robot, such as googlebot to place their humble website in the top ranking for a relevant search result. but does that mean their site isn't desrving of one. certainly not.

as i've explored the world of blogging i've been increasingly annoyed and belittleed by the social bloggers ability to garner an enviable readership completely disregarding search engines. and instead interacting with his or hers fellow man.

as someone who has for many years relied upon their ability to maniuplate unfeeling machines, i find myself awestruck and envious of those who can thwart the system i've always revered as godlike.

i would love for their to one day be a google search algorithm for the most earnest site. or the most talented stie.

there probably never will be one. how can we leave that for a machine to decide. and we were all witness to how yahoo, the supposedly human editted directory which succmbed to the lure of the robot.

i just feel so lost now. those machines beginning to fail me. and people not being something i could ever hope to please.

the world has always been a social enterprise. but for a while, google had be believing there was a backdoor.

but as ronnie james dio once said, 'there's no backdoor to heaven, just a front door to hell'.


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