Heaven's Waiting

being someone who doesn't belive in any sort of god, it's hard, on a dialy basis tolerating people who do.

it's hard to refrain from pointing out how pathetic they are that they need to invent reasons for their lives. justify their inevitable deaths by creating fairy tales about how they will be granted eternal life in the kingdom of so and so.

my question to them is, why would anyone want eternal life. as if fifty years of working to buy food and clothing isn't enough. no they want it to go on forever.

oh, but heaven's better they would say. no work. no food. just shiny happy people. and all the so called bad ones are relegated to hell. how concvenient.

my big question is, is if heaven is so great, why is it always the religious folks who think death, dying, is such a bad thing.

you'd think they'd want to die. what with all the benefits. or at least not be so fucking afraid to.

but that is the meat of it. they are afraid. so they make up fairy tales to comfort themselves. only they don't really believe them. except for when it's a convenient way to condemn someone esle.


  1. If only reality were as good as our dreams. I couldn't agree with you more. I can only pity the religous, dreaming of eternal happiness after death and ignoring the reality of their lives.

    Heaven must be awfully over populated by now:- sounds like hell to me :-)

    I reject your reality and sustitute my own

  2. huh! didnt know how to put in words, thanks.


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