On Reading Blogs

i've been reading a lot of blogs lately. didn't want to just have my own, blindly spewing forth my own thoughts without any regard for others.

most of the ones i'm given to revisit are the humorous ones. usually some guy somewhere in the united states, with a wife and some kids. you know, the kinda guy that has to find humor in most anything he can because if he didn't, he'd end up snapping, killing his family, then himself.

guys, straight ones anyway, seem to be much better at being funny than women are. not that that's always true, but i've found it to be so in the blogs i've encountered. and it occurs to me, that it makes perfect sense really. what are women always saying they want in a man? a sense of humor. so men probably try harder and practice more at being funny. while women practice mostly at being pretty. cuz we all know what guys want. the straight ones anyway.

i know, that's a terrible generalization to make. especially considering i am a female. but it's not like i'm saying every man is funny, and every women is obsessed with her looks. i'm just saying, some of the evidence i've encountered leans that way. and at the time of composing this, it seemed an interesting, moderately amusing little thought bubble. or maybe i just wanted to try to piss people off. the straight ones anyway.