Poor Ozzy

so i saw on yahoo entertainment that the one and only ozzy has a new compilation thingy out. with cds, dvds, booklets and other whatnot.

as someone who throughout their youth idolized ozzy, all i can do now is feel sorry for the man.

he used to make rocking music. and there was a genuiness there in his preformance. as any fan knows, he started out a poor, not all that bright kid, and somehow managed to become a filthy rich, metal god.

but come one, the poor man is 56 years old. just because the rolling stones try to do it, doesn't make it the right thing to do.

and the whole 'prince of darkness' thing, is so played out.

i appreciate all the cool music ozzy has offered me in life. from his begininnings with black sabbath and throughout his solo carrer. and the osbournes tv show was very amusing for the first season.

but now i just feel sorry for him. if i learned anything from watching that first, interesting season of the osbournes, it's that the poor man just wants to retire and have some fun. but evidentally, his wife and family have other plans.

they need more money. and who else is going to provide it?

poor ozzy, he needs them to take care of him. they need him to take care of them. codependent anyone?