Several Beers and Too Many Blog Directories Later

i could say all kindsa witty things on my blog. not that i would. cause i'm not really that witty. but it's wouldn't mater even way if i did.

because when i like a blog. i don't leave any comments. i don't interact. i just enyoy it and leave. come back another day to enjoy it again.

i don't feel the need to relate stupid stiries about my own life that are barely relevant to the topic.

no. i just read. and enjoy. and that's all i expect of other people.

unforttunately, that's not all they expect of me.

i've had to much too drink and i'm overhwhelmed by the fact that i've no control. blog popularity is in the hands of the people. and i find myself able only to manipulate machines.

i wish i did have soemthig to say about all your blogs. for i do enjoy a lot fo them.

i just prefer observation over interaction.

they should just rename blogging to socializing. give people fair warning. it's not a website. it's a prom without the beneftit of youth.

who's king. who's queen. fuck if i know. but i'm certain it ain't gonna be me.