i played hookie today. not the whole day. just a short three hour lunch.

it's weird when you work for yourself. i feel completely in control and completely powerless all at once.

there are people to answer to. who expect results. results i can often, but not always provide.

it's hard to take days off. do i call myself up and pretend i am sick. i won't believe myself anyway.

quigmans self employed
'The Quigmans' Comic September 15, 2004 (my 30th birthday)

it's especially difficult come tax time. uncle sam demanding over 30% of my earnings. yea, that's the ugly truth of self employment. social security tax is 15.3% and all the burden falls on me. no corporation behind me to foot half of the bill. it doesn't seem right. plus regular income tax.

i can honestly say, given the choice, i could do without a government just fine. esepcially one that does nothing but take take take.

i mean what has my government done for me lately for all the money i've given to it. stolen my ability to buy cheap cigarettes online from native americans. made gasoline prices rise and interest rates fall. all but taken away social security benefits. committed genocide on my behalf.
thanx. you've been a big help. i really appreciate it. i didn't really need social security. that's for pussies.

and well, of course, smoking is the eighth deadly sin. so you've saved me.

and gasoline. it's worth whatever the price. cuz i'm an american. drivingness is next to godliness. the less efficient the vehicle, the better. usa! usa!

i really wasn't in the market for genocide. but now that you mention it. since all those other things you've done for me worked out so well, this one probably will too.

thanx. how much do i owe ya?