Alone in the Dark: The Movie

i just watched the movie Alone in the Dark. from the imdb summary it sounded very much like a movie i would enjoy. turns out imdb takes great liberties with the use of the word "plot".

this movie was basically an extra long propaganda piece, er um, commercial on the dire neccessity for automatic weapons. how profoundly important they are to our survival as the dominant species on earth.

that is if those vicious, otherworldly creatures which threaten mankind ever decide to breech their rural perimeter and begin invading the cities. cause, you know, only the cities really matter.

it seemed to be trying to send the message that, no matter what kinds of alien or supernatural killing machines may imperil our world, thanks to the AK-47 and its various cousins, humankind does and always will KICK EVIL ALIEN ASS!!!!

in summary, this movie as its title implied did not leave me with the least bit of fear of the dark, unless of course that darkness is associated with a movie theater.