Angry Girl

do you really think the government, mine or anyone else's actually wants you to quit smoking because they care?

don't be naive.

what they want to do is root out the most resistant and the most addicted. demonized them. and rape them.

i for one, am tired of being made the villain. guns kill more people, more prematurely than cigarettes ever have, or ever will.

and um, war, that kills them pretty young. but got to have that gasoline. gotta have our suv's. if it costs a few thousand lives. so be it. that's life.

"The truth is that smoking-related deaths, even under the generous definitions used by CDC, are associated with old age. Nearly 60 percent of the deaths occur at age 70 or above; nearly 45 percent at age 75 or above; and almost 17 percent at the grand old age of 85 or above! Nevertheless, without the slightest embarrassment, the public health community persists in characterizing those deaths as "premature." Regrettable, yes; premature, no.

Suppose for a moment that all tobacco-related deaths occurred at age 99. Surely the gravity of that problem would be tempered by the fact that the decedents would have died soon from some other cause. Actually, tobacco-related deaths occur at an average age of roughly 72, an age at which mortality is not unusual among smokers and non-smokers alike." -

but you know what kills people most of all, and youngest, idiots like you who open your mouths and swallow all the fucking bullshit you're fed by the media.

that's right, just keep on doing what you're told. and you'll get to heaven one day. that is, if heaven's a big cesspool of braindead idiots who get all their opinions from the evening news.

give it up. where we are now. this is hell. and heaven is, leaving me the fuck alone.