The Bachelor

shamefully i admit to watching this edition of the bachelor. not really watching, watching. but i do occasionally glance in the direction of the television and read some of the captions. which i rarely do, unless it's survivor. which has the solitairy honor of actual sound.

i always scoffed at that show. mainly because anytime i did see it, it was so damn boring.

but cleverly abc placed it in this blackhole in the monday night line up. as if the entire monday night schedule isn't a blackhole.

first i have a choice of watching either fear factor or nanny 911 at 8pm. i usually opt for the nanny show. i mean what could be more entertaining than watching stupedified parents and hysterical children (with the sound off of course, and captions on) don't actually want to hear the children wailing.

and i'm well aware, that 24 is on fox at 9pm on monday, but frankly, i don't care.

but knowing that at 10pm supernanny comes on on abc, i usually just set the tv to that channel at 9 and wait. not literally wait. i do other things. i have other things to do. really i do.

and there i find myself with the bachelor. i have to admit jerry o'connel's, is it little brother?, charlie is an interesting twist in the show. he actually seems to be genuine.

but then again, idunno, maybe he's just a better actor.