sometime back in the year 2000 or maybe 2001, i created a personal website called Totally Useless Information. admittedly, not the most original title. it was very much like a blog. it had obscure, sometimes funny, sometimes thought provoking little entries. i'd never heard of blogs back then. yet, fatefully, i still managed to have one. sort of.

it's an okay site. not my best effort by any means. but one thing i came up with, i've always remembered. and for me, remembering anything i write is very rare. i write so much. and i remember pretty much, none of it. but this one stuck with me.

i always meant to have it made into a t-shirt. i even made an image for it and created a possible shirt at but i never actually went ahead and purchased one.

this is the phrase: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but ugly is everywhere.

okay, so i modified an existing cliche. that's not the point. some of the greatest inventions of all time have been modifications of existing devices. from bettamax came vhs. from the cd came the dvd. telephone > cordless phone > cellular phone. from buffy the vampire slayer movie came buffy the vampire slayer the television series.

if i'm very lucky, someday, the right person will read this and recognize my brilliance. and when i'm dead, this statement will become a timeless quote that lives on long after i am gone.

it will appear on various future websites including, but not limited to blogs.

maybe even on t-shirts and posters.

if i'm very lucky.

yea, i'm not really that lucky.

so i'll just give destiny a little nudge here.


  1. I'm not the right person.
    But I do think you are brilliant.


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