God Talks To Me As Well

i'm here to break the news gently.

there is no god.

the bible, written by a bunch of regular humans with delusions.

i'm here to tell you ever so gently, your life means nothing in the great scheme of things. that in fact, there is no great scheme of things.

there's no easy way to say this, but the nicest way i can think of is your mommy lied to you.

no one's listening. and heaven isn't waiting.

i hate to be the bearer of bad news. but you've spent your life believing in the ravings of lunatics.

the bible is, essentially, a bunch of men claiming they've spoken to, or else heard from god.

if someone said that today, would you believe them.

yea, i thought not.

i mean, just the other day, i heard from god. he said, blogs. that's where it's at. heaven is a big blog. embrace your salvation or else be swept by the wayside with the rest of the non blogging sinners.

hell, hell is full of people without blogs. and especially those who read blog, but don't bother to leavea a comment.

you've been warned.


  1. God is dead. God talks to you.
    Nietzsche is dead. Does Nietzsche talk to you?
    If so, you must be a necromancer.
    Blog read, comment left ;)


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