I Hate Car Alarms

i hate car alarms.

they only go off when no one is anywhere near said protected car.

i don't believe they actually deter theft.

i've seen enough movies and news shows to know actual car thieves could care less about them.

so why are they still so prevalent. there's that discount on the car insurance i guess.

but i think it's a bigger isssue.

i think it's one of pride.

like, i love my car. so therefore i must alarm it. my car rocks. and to prove it i've installed a car alarm to wake you up and to break your concentration. and to just plain annoy you randomly. because my car rocks. and you need to know it. randomly and without provocation.

no one's actually going to steal my car. but i just love it that much.

cars are better than people.

and that sound. it's like music to my ears. whoop. whoop. whoop.

no one's actually trying to steal my car. i just set the alarm off to hear that beautiful music again.

did i mention i hate car alarms?