Laugh Away Your Pain

you want to know one of the few things i really genuinely like about myself? i doubt it, but i'm going to forge ahead nonetheless.

the thing i like is that despite thinking life is a complete waste of time and space and basically being miserable every minute of it, i can still maintain my perspective.

i will make jokes about my utter hopeless. i will even wear jokes about my malaise.

i hate myself and i want to die t-shirt

i've found through careful observation and controlled socialogical experiments that the average human is rather put off by an attitude such as mine.

telling someone you hate life and can't wait to die; not a turn on.

however, if you can muster the engergy and wit to make light of your pain, they will respond positively.

this technique can be uses to procure many rewards such as: sex, love, jobs, friends. anything you want really.

all you have to do is pretend it's a joke. even though it isn't.


  1. Well, I hope that the humor part takes over the pain part. You have an intesting blog. Glad I stopped by.


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