Let There Be Light

what's so funny about me, nothing really. i'm not funny at all. everyone who has a blog isn't required to be comical. though it's been implied by the powers that be, one should.

who is one anyway. is that me? or someone else. everyone? idunno. it's never been made clear to me.

one.. less than two. more than half. algebra always frustrated me.

i was going to relate the story of my struggle with the lamp socket. i shoulda videotaped it. it would have been funnier to watch.

wire goes in the hole. wire goes out the hole. is this jacket the ribbed one? it doesn't feel like a condom. what happens if i do it wrong? do we explode?

it's just a lamp. don't bother. i'll buy new ones.

fuck, if i'll be beaten by a lamp.

oh, i forgot the shade holder thing. unscrew. rescrew. i've been screwed.

man, a lot of exta wire found its way outside the lamp. where are the wire cutters?

snip. snip. twist. turn. pull. pull. pull. ends stripped.

is this the ribbed one? this one has one bump. the other has several. i guess that's the ribbbed one. it doesn't feel ribbed though. not from what i remember of ribbing. it's certainly hasn't been done for my pleasure.

twist. twist. knot. screw. screw. pull. plug.

let there be light.

i hope we don't catch on fire tonight.

damn walmart lamp.