Lilo and Stitch

i have a confession to make. brace yourself now. and please, refrain from laughing.

i cried during the movie lilo and stitch.

but you see, what's more humiliating than simply crying over ficticious events, is the fact that i never cry. not during sad movies. not during personal trauma. not when i'm happy. not when i'm sad. not even when my cat died.

and yet, that six legged cartoon alien made me weep. weep like a child.

not just a few rogue tears, mind you. but streaming down, runny nose, shuddering.

and not just for one scene. pretty much throughout the entire movie.

all right, you can laugh now, if you must.

i'll try to ignore you and continue with my story.

in stitch i saw my own alien self. stitch wasn't just an alien to earth. even back in his own world, he was an alien. and therein is where this vicious, yet cuddly cartoon character crossed the line from being just another ugly duckling cliche and became a very animated reflection of how i've felt all my life.

in the end, stitch found his lilo.

but what if i never do.