Multiple Choice Humor

why is it that any statement is instantly funnier if you tack a,b,c answers on to it.


this morming i woke up with my fist in my mouth. i had the choice of a) leaving it there b) removing it or c) seeing how much farther it could go.

it's an amazing phenomenon.

it works in any scenario.

the other day i was laying in bed with my boyfriend after a great round of sex and i couldn't decide if i should a) congratulate him b) thank god or c) start looking for someone else, since he'd obviously peaked.

it's puzzling. a few multiples choices make the difference between humdrum and humorous.

one could conceiveably make a living off of just writing funny articles that utilize this multiple choice technique. some already have.

but far be it for me to judge.

what do to after a discovery as impactful as this... a) write it in my blog b) write it in my blog or c) write it in my blog.


  1. I think it's funny to type A,B,C statements if A) You have a very open mind, B) you have at least $20 that you wouldn't mind giving up, and C) my address to mail the money to.


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