Negative One Hundred

right about now i need all the friends i can get.

unfortunately the sum total of the friends i can get is zero. no, probably less. like negative ten or something.

don't let them fool you. smoking isn't bad for you. it kills you when you're so old you wanna die anyway.

living. that's what's dangerous. fatal even.

and caring. that's lethal.

this has been my truly deep thougth for tehe day.

those other ones were just larks.

now your world is again complete.

you're welcome.


  1. Deep thoughts.
    Dark comments.

    You don't get friends, you grow them.

    (blares Annie singing the sun will come tomorrow...)

    Smoking killed my mother at 51. Some lark.

    You are born to die. Its what you do between birth and death that matters.

    Oh! To die of caring too much! There is not enough metta in the world.

    My world is not complete. I'm not finished creating it yet ;)

    Thank you.


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