Not So Deep Thoughts

hmmm... a deep thought for the day.

so much pressure. why'd i name this blog that anyway? that was setting my expectations of myself awfully high.

even shallow thoughts aren't coming to me. oh wait. here's one. that amy lee chick is hot. the one from evanescence.

ok. now to go a little deeper. what if spam email really does have links to free porn? so many opportunities deleted. oh well. no matter. there's always yahoo video.

that was deep, but um, not in the way i originally intended.

digging down. standard mathematical laws do not apply to beer. if you start out with a case of 12 molson ice's and friday night you drink four. saturday morning you'll wake up to find there are only 7 left. it's an anomoly. just like in star trek.

ok. ok. one more try. let's see...

happiness leads to misery. and misery leads to happiness. it's a cricle. so stay miserable. it's the only way to be happy.

yea, that's deep. or not. whatever.