Pathmark: Robbing Old Ladies One Quarter at a Time

i was in pathmark today. another hapless victim of the need for sustenance. and there was this little old lady who was completely mesmerized by the windchimes on display.

she stood there with her k-mart shopping cart. because old people always use the k-mart shopping carts when in pathmark. because pathmark has the insert a quarter to get the cart, return the cart to retrieve your quarter system. and k-mart is a only few stores away and liberally, foolishly dispenses their carts without collateral. and evidently the old people are convinced pathmark has a secret plan to rob them, one quarter at a time via their devious, deceptively innocent shopping cart dispense/retrieval system.

anyway, she stood there, alien k-mart cart at her side, tinkling the windchimes over and over. she didn't need food. she had the glorious sound of metal objects banging into one another. like angels from heaven puking upon the earth.

and anyway she'd already beaten the system. pathmark would not get her quarter. not today. not ever.