Smote By Yahoo

i've just spent the passed several nights, after working on other peoples' websites, going crazy over my own.

evidentally, yahoo changed the way their search works. which is also in some circles, known as they screwed me again!!!

so now my adult toys site, is suffering from a severe lack of visitors. [echo echo echo]

for over 1 1/2 years it miraculously held onto the number 6 rank for a search on adult toys at yahoo, but it has now been relegated to the ugly step-sister of the elephant man number 64 spot, not fit to be seen.

so in my oh so, webmastery way, i went about trying to make up to yahoo whatever sin i'd committed against it to make my god smite me so. this very scientific approach that i use consists of several highly technical steps, which must be performed in exact order.

they are as follows:
  1. freak out

  2. yell at yahoo and call them bad names

  3. have a beer or many

  4. wait exactly 40.23 minutes

  5. and then...
  6. give up

and therein lies my problem, i can't complete the essential step number 5. i want my hits back. my orders. my big, fat, rub me against your face and salivate, commission checks.

after i'd done steps 1-4 and cavalierly ignored the last one, i tried to get some more links. all i ever hear about search engine optimization (seo), is links, links, links. gotta have fucking links.

so i sent out about a zillion link exchange emails. and filled out another gagillion link exchange forms. so far, i've gotten 6 actual link trades. that was worth it.