So When Are You Leaving?

i don't make friends easily. and keeping them is even harder.

every once in a while i'll get these strange 'ideas'. i know what someone's gonna do to me.

a few weeks back, i asked a friend of mine, so when are you leaving? and i didn't really know why i was asking.

and he's like, what the fuck. i'm not going anywhere.

but damn, if a few weeks later, he isn't gone.

i don't know what he's doing. or what he's so occupied with. i just know that i'm no part of it.

it's only been five and a half years of knowing each other. no big deal.

i'll get over it. because i don't really get a choice.


  1. Ouch! *wince*

    Did it occur to you to think that he might have scanned your question as you asking him to leave?


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