Spongebob is Gay - Not That There's Anything Wrong with That

i remember hearing a while back that some evangelist had accused spongebob of being gay and the show of trying to promote an acceptance of gayness in the innocent youth of america. and what exactly, is bad about that?

the media basically laughed at him. duh, it's a cartoon. and sponges are asexual. ah, but if they watched the show, they'd know, in this case biology doesn't apply. spongebob has both a mother and a father.

but long before some bible boy stated spongebob is gay in a public forum, i had said it to myself countless times. though, in a more mystified and pleased sorta of way.

yes, he's a cartoon. and he never dates anyway. ah, but he does have a crush on squidward. has from the very beginning. and it became quite apparent in an episode where spongebob took an art class taught by squidward.

let's face it, spongebob has always behaved in a rather 'fruity' manner. not that there's anything wrong with that!

but i'll never forget how my jaw dropped when spongebob made the origami of him and squidward leap frogging. now maybe, and it's highly possible, i just have a dirty mind, but when spongebob made that figure, which looked so strikingly similar to doggy style sex and then said to squidward, look i'm on top and then fiddled with the paper a little and said, now you're on top. that innuendo hit me like a dick in the face.

i loved it.

and i personally look forward to many more homoerotic innuendos in all my favorite cartoons.

if it was okay for bugs bunny to be a drag queen all those years ago, i don't see the problem with spongebob being gay.

in fact, i for one, welcome the addition of a lovable gay character into cartoon world. sure there was snagglepuss before spongebob. and dudley do-right. and porky pig. and smithers. and superman. god he was so gay. but i guess no one noticed.