Touching On

before i ever got there i already knew it was over.

like the sunset. you can watch it, but you can't keep it from dropping.

i'm tired of funny blogs. and funny people. tired of making that extra effort to be.

everything about life is funny. from that crust in the crack betwen your eyelids to gunk under your toenials.

its all very hilarious. how much of a mess the human body will make of itself in such a brief period.

and well, life, human interaction. that's hysterical. blunt pauses. leaning in for the kiss. the flesh we wear convincing us that we're worn by it.

it's all very funny. so do we really need another guy in such and such a city to point it out to us.

yea, i guess we do.

let us not forget.

as confident as we can be, it all looks so much less impressive through the lens.

stop living your life for a minute and view it.

who are you then?