Was Are Will

so my brother knocks on my door. enters and says, i have a job for you.

i wasn't looking for a job, i reply.

okay, a favor, then, he concedes. scan these pictures for me.

the 17 year old girl i like wants to see pics of me when i was younger. by the way, she thinks i'm 31.

me, utilizing my powerful math skills... but i'm 30. you can't be 31. because you're seven years older than me.

well, i'm 31 now. and that's that. now be a good older, er um, younger sister and scan these least embarrassing childhood photos of me.

i'm not pretending you're 31. no way!!

yea, well, looking back at all those childhood photos, i realized something i'd forgotten. you were a fat cow.

yea, i know i was.

WAS, being the operative word.

and you WERE 31, six LONG years ago. but ARE 37.

i tried to refrain from making him fodder, but he forced me to do it.