What About Menstruation?

ok, here's my question for tonight.

if there is a god, an omniscient being who single-handedly undertook the creation of all life. why. tell me why, would a being so immeasureably intelligent see fit to create the female menstruation cycle.

how is it most in any way logical to have homosapien females gush blood for 3-5 days every months in order to facilitate reproduction of the species.

think back to the story of adam and eve. before they were kicked out of the garden. man, that must've been one bloody garden of eden. i don't think they had maxi pads and tampons back them. was she shoving fig leaves up her vagina? or was she just sposed to be pregnant 99% of the time?

no omniscient being could possibly come up with this scenario as their best plan.

oh, and my biggest question of all. adam and eve, had some kids. cain and abel i believe. okay. then cain killed abel. right? how did anyone reproduce after that? did eve have sex with cain? i mean, there were no other chicks. eww.

again no omniscient being could possibly come up with this scenario as their best plan.

i thank you for your time. well, not really, but it's mine now anyway. so there.


  1. Long answer: Our species succeeded so well because the human female is the only mammal (that I am aware of) that does not have a 'season'. We go into 'heat' every month if we are not pregnant. Ostensibly, sex was one of the few pleasures of pre-historic life, so I expect it was indulged in frequently, and thus females spent most of their lives from the onset of menses until death (often in childbith) pregnant. The need for this probably has to do with the fact that human offspring take a very long time to mature and are quite fragile, so it was necessary to produce many offspring in hopes that a few would survive long enough to reproduce themselves.

    Short Answer: Yes, we are meant to be pregnant 99% of the time.

    Regarding Adam and Eve, I asked the same questions of my Sunday School teachers, much to their consternation. Fortunately, my Grandfather was a minister, and he explained to me that Adam and Eve were the first hebrews, and that the world was populated by others and that Adam and Eve had many children and they intermarried with the 'others'. He told me that the Bible was meant to be 'interpreted' like Jesus' parables are interpreted, rather than literally, but most people couldn't handle that knowledge or understand that distinction, so it was best to just let them believe what they believed and stop asking them questions that pointed out the holes in their logic.


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